The Stranger Diaries are a collection of entries written by Megatron and Gandalf, two people off the internet, in their 20’s who met on twitter. Megatron had the brilliant idea of the two of them using each other as “accountability buddies” for their goals in life, be it: their publishing efforts, surviving the zombie apocalypse, and whatever else 20-somethings want out of life.

And of course, the effervescent Gandalf thrust her fist in the air, and yodeled; a powerful agreement, in Gandalf speak. They never looked back…

(Except, when they look back. A diary is meant to hold ones memories after all.)

“Essentially, we are two strangers who use each other as a diary. We are getting to know ourselves and each other one post at a time. And odds are, we are stranger than you.”




“Well said, Gandalf.”


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