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Mighty Megatron,

Hello friend! It seems it’s been a while since I’ve written in the diaries. How I’ve missed the general peculiarity I apply to the diaries. You know, speaking in third person, using my wizard abilities, and such. Things have been crazy-busy lately with all the editing and writing going on. It’s summer after all, which apparently means I have MORE work to do. On the writing front, things are slogging along like usual. My word count for the week would have you believing that I’m doing better than I am. Sadly, a vast amount of those words have no home. Maybe one day, they will find their rightful place in the last stretch of my manuscript. If not, I guess they’ll join the abyss of unused scenes on my hard drive. Sigh- seems like such a waste of literary genius (or literary bullshit, hard to say at this point). Oh, and that word count? 14,793. At least I’m writing.

I believe you posted about this earlier, that you read things as a writer now, instead of just a reader. I’m guilty of this as well. I find myself dissecting the hell out of PUBLISHED work. Granted, I dissected it before, but now errors jump off the page at me like they were shot from a cannon. HEY! HEY YOU! MY EDITOR MISSED THIS!! LOOK! LOOK! POINT AND LAUGH!!! And I’m like- shit. Now I’m so distracted by the fact that this person’s editor had no idea how to USE DIALOGUE SUCCESSFULLY, not to mention CORRECTLY.

GAH! It makes me want to go all Gavyn on their ass.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I’m far from perfect, but that’s what my editor is for. She takes my crap and turns it into gold. Apparently, all editors are not created equal. It just makes me so sad that good writing is lost from ever becoming great writing because the editor didn’t understand grammar, punctuation, and the proper application of these things.

So I ask, have I become a writing snob? I DEMAND great fiction, edited with precision and care. I mean, really, is it that hard? (Maybe it is. What do I know? I’d never make it as an editor.)

Alas, Megatron, I’m impressed with the amount of time I can waste online doing nothing of importance. I must get back to writing my bullshit in the hopes that I’ll somehow Midas it into gold.

Your very own wizard,




  1. Maybe there isn’t any Great Writing? Just great editing.

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