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Dear Gandalf,

You know I have been incredibly proud of you and your new white status don’t you? Of course you do! We have become quite the texting fiends. And I gotta tell people… the WIP our dear Gandalf is currently working on is MAGIC! You are a constant inspiration to me, my dear wizard. I never doubted that phone call (err…email?) would come. And I absolutely cannot wait to see what that cover art is going to look like! I love the Gavyn we picked!

You have seen some of Resident Weird Girl and your reaction blew me away. But alas… I’ve fallen into a writing slump, however the creative brainstorming is on fire for my Eastwick series. I’ve been reading a ton and about 40% of my mind is on style and technique rather than the story–which is frustrating and enlightening at the same time.

I’ve pulled an RLL  (and yes, he’ll probably read this). I’m having existential thoughts on my blog. What’s the point? Should I kill it? I used to really enjoy blogging, but that was when I felt I actually had interesting and weird things to say. Mostly they were derived from some third thought inspired by something I watched on TV. And since I’m no longer watching television…WHAT AM I WITHOUT THE WALKING DEAD TO RANT ABOUT? Nothing I say! Nothing! Ok, that’s a bit dramatic but my blog now bores me. It probably bores my readers too. If I’m not interested in it enough to make it entertaining than it’s lost its purpose. I’m just going throught the motions. After all authors building a platform MUST BLOG. At this point I think it is doing more damage than good.

What ever do you mean Megatron????

  1. It’s a time suck.
  2. Fiction should be my focus
  3. Potential readers see that blog and probably judge my fiction writing skill by it. (Which wouldn’t be a bad thing 3 or 4 months ago.)

So I think it should die. But not this. The Stranger Diaries must live on…



One comment on “MEGATRON IS SO PROUD

  1. Hang *cute little cat clings to rope* in there, Megatron.

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