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My Dear, Dear, Megatron-

Where has life taken us lately, my friend? It seems I’m always rushing here and there to get things done. Yes, rushing. ALWAYS rushing. I’m writing mostly to document that the BIG EVENT has occurred.


This BIG EVENT, which will also be known as, THE EVENT, THE BIG THING, THE GIANT-OMG-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-THIS-IS-HAPPENING-THING, HOLY F, and GEORGE, is a life changer, as you know. The shock and adrenaline have worn off, reality has set in. Isn’t it sad when you can lose your outright hyperactive enthusiasm for something so quickly? Oh life, you’re so delightfully cruel.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still excited, but I’m also afraid, nervous, worried, and terrified that I’m going to somehow screw it up. But, isn’t this what we’ve been working towards? It is, it is. Doesn’t stop that nagging dread that always looms just over my shoulder. Life is full of WHAT IF’S, and that freaks Gandalf out. Big time.

THE GIANT-OMG-I-CAN’T-BELIEVE-THIS-IS-HAPPENING-THING has left me some tidbits to ponder. It may be early in the game for this level of introspection, but I can’t help it. I keep asking myself: Where do I go from here. Ok. Step One is done, now what?

We’re all very excited about the faerie story. So excited, in fact, that just thinking about the possibilities makes me giddy. Good old RLL sent me over some text on the subject. He’s always so helpful. But after the faerie story is written and edited, where is it going to go? Usually I’m such a pantster, and here I am, flailing about because I don’t have a concrete plan. For heaven’s sake, I’ve started using OneNote to keep my shit together. What is happening to this old wizard? It’s like I’m taking giant leaps towards becoming professional, and frankly, it scares the hell out of me.

It’s some comfort to know that people are usually offered more than one chance. And if you don’t put yourself out there, then you’re nothing more than a scribbler hiding behind her computer and scoffing a life of possibilities. Like I said, Step One is done. Holy cow. Step One.

I’m afraid our readers are going to be thoroughly perplexed by this entry. Alas, ’tis wizard speak.

I would also like to document the fact that two strangers, who met on Twitter, became friends and accountability buddies, have finally done something marginally successful. And this success warranted a 2 hour phone call between said friends. I did so enjoy hearing your voice, Megatron. It’s not nearly as annoying as you let on.

And I shall leave you with this thought, for you to mull over at your earliest convenience:

AWKWARD TURTLE (with hand motions)

Your Delightful Wizard,



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