Dear Megatron,

It’s been far too long since we’ve conversed. I know we’ve both tried to swear off social media, you being far more successful than me. It seems that whenever I try to do something like that, something really exciting happens and lots of people want to talk to me. My Twitter has been hopping as of late, and I’ve been engaging in conversation with strangers on Facebook. I figure all these high schoolers I’m talking to will buy my book when it comes out 🙂

Not that there’s any word on that front. Not yet. I’m getting a little antsy, wondering and waiting. I’ve done pretty well being patient and keeping busy. But everyone who knows me knows that I’m waiting, and they like to ask me every five seconds whether I’ve heard anything. It reminds me of when I was 9 months pregnant, and people no longer cared about me, only whether I’ve had that baby yet. I almost bit their heads off. I’m doing better this time, seeing as I’m not hugely pregnant and cranky. 🙂

Now- on to the exciting thing I promised everyone in my blog.

Gandalf nearly died on Thursday night. *gasp!* I know!

As you know, I work afternoons and generally don’t get home until 2:30-3 in the morning. Thursday night we had some terrible storms here, with wind, tons of rain, and crazy lightening. I commute to work, so that hour and half drive took even longer because I had to drive through rain so heavy that I couldn’t see the lines on the road and lightening so close that it blinded me. I must’ve passed through 6 separate storms. But then I finally pulled into my subdivision, relieved to be alive and home.

But- I wasn’t home yet.

As I made my way down the main road, I realized that it was flooded. Nothing major, probably 8 inches of water or so. It was still storming pretty hard so I tried to drive through the water. It didn’t take long for me to realize that wasn’t happening. I turned off my engine and started calling my husband. I figured we could push the car and save the engine, after all I was only a few hundred feet from my driveway. Hubby, while I love him to death, is a heavy sleeper and his phone rings all night long with calls from work. So, even though I called him 7 times in a row, he didn’t answer. By this time the water had risen over the bottom of the doors, and I couldn’t open them without water rushing in. More worried now, I called my parent’s house phone, which was out due to the storm. I called my Dad’s cellphone, then my Mom’s. No answer. I called hubby a few more times. No answer. By this point the water was seeping in through my floorboards. I called the one person I knew would answer, my sister. The water was now up to the middle of my door and rising fast. She tells me to open the window and climb out Dukes of Hazzard style- all I can do is laugh. This is utterly ridiculous, how the hell do these things happen to me?

Sadly- I can’t just climb out the window. The water was up to my waist and getting higher, my floorboards were full and soon it’d be over my console, which was what I’d perched on like a duck out of water. Why couldn’t you climb out, you ask. Well, I had my laptop. I’m quite attached to it, you know, seeing as it has all my manuscripts on it and I just purchased in in January. If I got out, it’d get wet. Keep it mind it was still storming like a mother outside, complete with lightening and crazy wind. Then the water reached my butt and I was as high in the car as I could go without squishing myself on the dash.

I hung up with my sister. It was go time! At first I tried to climb out the window, but then I realized that water was just as high in the car as it was outside the car. So I just opened the door, held my laptop and purse over my head and made a wade for it. I’m pretty tall, mind you, Gandalf is no short wizard at 6’1″. The water was higher than my belly button, right between that and my boobs. And freezing. And from the sewer. These are the things I was thinking as I sloshed to my house and stood in the doorway, completely soaked.

I yelled to hubby, who finally woke up. I told him my story in short bursts, out of breath and a little shaky. Holy hell, my car just filled with water, can you blame me? His genius response: “What?” Shocked stare. “What?”

Ohh…classic moment it was.

And so, my friend, this is how Gandalf survived a flash flood. Good news is that I have a scene just like this in one of my books- how awesome is it that I have firsthand knowledge to draw from now?

The only not awesome thing, my car may very well be totaled, the insurance adjustor won’t come until tomorrow. Even better? This is the second time this car has been in a flood in the exact same spot, only last time the water wasn’t nearly as deep. We measured- 41 inches. What if dear Gandalf had drowned? The writing world would never be the same!

This is my car, after the water had gone down about a foot, several hours later. The water at one point was completely covering the hood. Crazy, right?Image

Well, I must go, Megatron!




  1. Priceless…..I cant believe you decided to make cellular phone calls while waiting for your car to turn into a fish tank… 🙂 I wish you would have had a dash cam or something. I probably would have done the same. You should have had Jon take a picture of you standing on the roof.

  2. I hope you’ve since saved your writing elsewhere. I’m glad it turned out okay for you and you’re safe, (except for the car, of course.)

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