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Gandalf! How exciting! A critique group is essential and I’m so glad you’ve got this new opportunity. I’ve got random critique groups assigned in my creative writing class, but there is also another opportunity to join the Literally Army which is a group of 10 or so writers who do their own thing outside of the class. I’ve gone out to eat with them a few times.

I really like most of the people, it’s just I don’t know if I’m a good fit in the group. But what I’m trying to say is: critique groups are great; they can really take your writing to the next level. Fresh eyes and ideas to build on are always a good thing.

So the pool house is still in shambles thanks to the bridal shower that took place in it. I’m going to get the place back into order by Sunday. I’ve actually taken advantage of my situation and built myself a little writing office. I use a drafting table as my “writing desk” in the corner of the room. There is a real desk, behind me, jutting off the wall to my left acting as a cubicle wall and the holder of my desktop computer. That old dinosaur doesn’t connect to the internet but it does have Photoshop on it, which is the only reason why it’s in use. That, and to charge my ipod…

Oh and the best part is the ping pong table folded up, 6 feet tall. It has this cool dimply metal on the underside so it’s actually a cute barrier that I can duct tape butcher paper on. Why would I cover the cool metallic surface with paper? Simple, my dear! I storyboard/outline on it. I’m really excited that it has wheels so I can turn it to catch the light from the bay doors.

I know you would have texted me right away if you got any news, but I had to ask: have you heard from the publisher yet? Also I have not had the chance to check out the excerpt of Stepping stones you sent me. I’ve actually only accessed the internet through my phone these last few days… I think I might be pulling away from virtual reality and focusing more on The Plastic Divide.

I’m scrapping the initial concept with the suicide note. The entire story is going to be 3rd person with the exception of a more succinct letter. I think this new version I’m working on is stronger. I also think it’s more badass and the readers will like the main character more. I’ve actually plotted a sequel.

I know! I’m so lame! Who the hell comes up with a sequel for a short story? Might as well slap together the two and call it a novella. But I can’t let the reason why I’m even writing TPD escape me. I’m doing it to get something out there. But the first version simply wasn’t cutting it. So I’m going to get it as good as it can be without going overboard and then I need to get back to Beastling, because that story is really something.

It’s been really great hearing from you, Gandy. For whatever reason, I really needed to hear some good news from you 🙂



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