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Whew. Had myself a Lady Gaga moment there.

SO! This morning, I went to the bookstore. Yes, I know you’re excited, as I frequent the bookstore and return with loads of goodies. This morning I was on a very specific mission at Barnes and Noble. I am researching a sort of obscure form of folk lore, fairytale, whatever you want to call it. So of course they don’t have anything that I need. I mean, when the best I can find online is that it may be of Celtic or Portuguese background, and Wikipedia is my best friend, you know it’s a hard find. So they direct me to their shelf of folk lore and mythology, which is only 2 shelves on one book shelf. Seriously? This is a HUGE genre, why isn’t there more information? Is it because it’s all speculation? Who knows. So I peruse, consider buying the Grimm books, but they don’t apply to what I’m searching for. I flip through a few Celtic books but don’t find a single reference to what I’m looking for. Great. The store associate goes to her computer and searches it. Comes back and says anything I might find would have to be special ordered and will likely not be in English. Awesome! Because I totally know how to translate Portuguese.*eye roll*

I’m bummed, but not defeated, so I head over to the YA section, pick out a million books I want to buy, but leave empty handed. As I’m making my walk of shame back to the door, another woman who works there is like “Hey, are you the girl that was asking about mythology?” Uhh…yeah. That’s me. We get talking, she’s a writer. (And she works in a bookstore. Jealous.) I tell her that I’m beginning research for a book series that I want to write and need information for world building. One thing leads to another and it’s “Oh, well if you’re looking for a critique group, I’m a part of one that meets every other Friday.”

Inside my head I was like: YES YES YES YES YES YES YES.

“Oh yeah?”

She invites me to come check it out. I add her on Facebook. I leave the store a cool, calm, collected version of myself. I had to resist the urge to text you right that second. A critique group? Really truly? All of my own?

Moral of the story: You never leave the bookstore empty handed. Sometimes you make a writerly contact that may take you farther than you ever imagined. She also recommended a website that may help with my research.

So now I suppose you want to know all about this story idea of mine? Oh no, Megatron. That’s for me to know and you to dot, dot, dot. (That’s a Vampire Diaries reference. Couldn’t resist.) Let’s say that it’s going to be a challenge. A fun, interesting challenge. But hey, I’m all about branching out.

And now I’m off to write some more in Stepping Stones. So much to do and so little time!




  1. YAY for crit groups! Good luck with them 🙂

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