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Mighty Megatron,

What’s this? A new computer? Gandalf is giddy with excitement! New computers are amazing! And wait..what…book covers? You have been thinking about what we talked about.  🙂 I must say that we have both been exceptionally busy of late and have had very little time to converse. Editing is slow going, as is my current WIP. I feel like all I’ve done lately is work, work, work! But the unheard of has happened:  I have 3 days in a row OFF!! Oh my gosh. I know. I can’t believe it either. I think I’m going to ask my hubby to take me out. Maybe we’ll see a movie. Maybe we’ll do something other than WORK!

Ah. The possibilities.

In reference to your latest post, of course I am the best. I’m Gandalf. And you’re welcome. I’m happy to hear that you had an awesome birthday.

I wish I had more time to edit. Or rather, I wish that I made more time to edit. I want the editing to be done. I want the query writing to be done. I want the queries to be out to agents and I want to be in the waiting period, because at least it will mean that I’m one step further than I’ve ever been before. I’m thinking of getting The Writer’s Market online so I can track my queries and have access to all sorts of fun agent information like what they require for submission and whether or not they are currently accepting queries. Seems like a handy tool to have around.

But first! Must finish editing and query writing.


I’m easily frustrated if I’m not in a constant state of forward motion. And editing is so slow going. I hope I at least feel accomplished when I’ve finished the edits… or something. Or maybe confident. I just want to feel that I’ve done a good job. I’m really beginning to see what RLL means about all my fear coming out in my writing. He’s so right. I want someone to tell me “good job”. It’s not enough that I’ve finished something. Hm. I’ll work on that.

Well, dear Megatron. I must be off for the evening. I look forward to chatting with you soon.




  1. Superb. Thanks for whining a little in public. I use The Writer’s Market; it’s good. It helps.

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