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In case any of you missed it, Gandalf bought me a very classy cake. Nothing is better than seeing oneself fighting Optimus Prime on a delectable pastry treat.  For my 21st birthday I decided to NOT drink. I thought it would be funny to quit drinking before I turned 21. Not that I have a problem with it. I rarely drank as it was. I’m sure it won’t last long. My dad will probably peer pressure me into getting a drink at our birthday dinner tonight. Yes, our birthdays are 48 hours apart. And then there’s Valentine’s Day. I’m just glad I’m not a Christmas baby.

                Anywho, I’m really excited because I’ve been scrimping and saving for a long while now. With the addition of lovely birthday money I can get a computer of my very own! One in which I can have photoshop AND internet in the very same device. I bid adieu to my overtaxed flashdrive. I feel like I’m really going to get back into graphics now. Maybe I will learn to do hyper realism so I can make my own book covers. Ohhh how exciting! With quitting TV I’m in need of a fun habit to pick back up.

                I just hope I haven’t lost my skill! But I shall climb that mountain when I get to it. Maybe I will design my own website dedicated to computer graphics… or maybe I could—okay getting ahead of myself. How have you been dear, Gandalf? Have you decided on a query letter yet?



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