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Gavyn Perishing is a one-armed ginger who has bigger problems. Like a random hot guy bursting through her bedroom door on what was supposed to be an uneventful snow day. That, on top of an armed thug on the other side of said door. But the main issue is this whole “shifting” business.

                Imagine her surprise when tinkling glass rings in her ears and a purple sun is suddenly gracing the sky. Hot Liam telling her that they have to get out of the other Gavyn’s room doesn’t exactly help her shock.

                Antithesis gives the evil twin story a whole new look. Considering, the Gavyn from Liam’s world happens to be a murdering psychopath who killed his father, has two arms, oh, and has her eyes set on universe domination.

                But there is one more problem: thanks to the universe’s contingency plan, kill one psycho Gavyn and a certain one-armed ginger dies too. There’s really only one thing to do, fall in love with the guy set on revenge and saving the worlds.

I don’t do query letters. I certainly don’t like them. But since I love my Gandalf I wrote you my own attempt for Antithesis. I saw some repetition in the one you posted on here and felt that the versions you showed me on facebook were stronger. But what do I know? Certainly not query letters. I tried to convey the humorous tone you use throughout your lovely story. I obviously won’t be offended if you don’t like it.

I don’t have much time to regale you with ALL that has been happening, but since you read my last blog post on biozarre.com I figure you’re somewhat caught up. I really wanted to post it here, but I had been neglecting my author site for weeks.

I love RLL. Maybe we should each post our designated emails from him/her on here, write responses on our real blogs and link back to the original email on here? What do you think? Oh and were there any awkward encounters with the B&N patron whose table you stole? lol

Love, your very own decepticon,




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