I forgot to answer some of your questions in the last entry. I don’t think your query needs to be super informative. I think of it more as a cliffhanger or at least a little sample so the agent is left wanting more. Would I want to read the story based on that query? Not really. It doesn’t really give the story justice, which I have read–and love. That picture is hilarious considering how unrelated it all is.

Let me know when the elliptical comes. I hope you put it in front of a TV–especially on The Vampire Diaries days. I’m lucky I never got really into that show. Wouldn’t want to be hopelessly obsessed, like a certain wizard I know.


P.S. I can kick the Incredible Hulk’s ass. Just holler if he gives you trouble…

P.S.S. Oh and we got a comment from a stranger (but not quite as strange as us). You obviously know this since you approved it, but tis exciting is it not!?



  1. “When A Stranger Comments” …sounds like a really lousy horror movie. Or, rather, like a movie that was relevant in its day but was remade into cheesy schlock in another century *coughs*

    …oh and yes there’s another stranger commenting here. Although I found this blog through twitter so we must not be too strange 😛

  2. I can only assume,with my limited cinema knowledge, you are alluding to When A Stranger Calls. I was 13 or so when that came out. I thought it the height of sophisticated horror. 🙂

    Twas grand to hear from you Oh Twitter User. You would have been Oh Mysterious Twitter User, but… your picture is right there, Andrew.


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