I have nearly finished editing Antithesis based on your crits. I have also discovered where the “major” changes are going to occur. I have decided to add a chapter between Chapter 30 and 31. I’ve long considered my ending and whether I should change it. I’ve decided not to. I feel like what it is now is very true to the characters. I just can’t see Liam being irresponsible enough to let something bad happen to Gavyn. Perhaps I will draw out the “climatic” scene, but I don’t think I will actually change the outcome. However, there will be a Lena reunion and some very awkward Gavyn/Gary moments. There will also be Gavyn searching for her home Liam.

I’m sure people are reading this wondering what the heck I am talking about. All in due time, precious readers. Perfection is not wrought overnight. Now that I’m elbow’s deep in editing, I’m feeling really good about the story again. For a moment I was worried that it wasn’t good enough, descriptive enough, perfect enough…blah, blah, blah. Who am I kidding? It’s a great story that was fun to write. It’s all worth it.

I’m also happy to report that the writing on my latest WIP is coming along swimmingly. As of now I’ve reached 14,285 words. I’m struggling with the emotional connections between my characters in this story. It has a lot of setup, a lot of things I need the reader to feel. It concerns me, not starting with the “action.” Maybe I’ve just been led astray from the proper path, but people have me believing that if I don’t wow them with each and every chapter, an agent will just toss my stuff into the trash. I’m working on this… Good news is that I don’t tend to overwrite things anymore. If anything, they’re bare bones and need filling.

On another note, I have filed my taxes. This means that soon I will be the proud owner of a sparkly new Elliptical, if all goes well, that is. I actually made money this year instead of just being a poor student. The government hates it when anyone makes money other than them, so my return might not be sufficient, but I’m hopeful.

Lately I’ve been feeling spread too thin. Even my memory is going. I have so much on my plate that if I don’t stay up half the night reminding myself of all the things I need to do, I forget. Today my husband came into the bedroom and uncovered my head and asked if I was alright. I really think he thought I was dead or something because I didn’t get up to take my son to school. Basically, I just forgot. It happens, but I still feel like a terrible person. But day to day I have very little time to think, so mistakes happen. As it is, I won’t get another day off until Feb. 18th. My last day off was Feb. 1st, and only because I called in sick to work because I had no voice. I slept for something like 24 hours and I’m finally feeling better. Maybe I’m working myself into an early grave, maybe I can only survive in chaos–I don’t know.

What I do know is that I’m so ready for a vacation!! This wizard is tired and burnt out. This wizard craves beaches, sunshine, and white sand. She needs it.

Well, Megatron, it’s off to work I go,




  1. Interesting concept you girls are running here.

    “Speak ‘friend’ and enter” 🙂

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