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Dear Gandalf,

Your winterguard teams were a joy to watch, as always. A big congrats on that! And I’m especially glad we figured out we could text each other (a true *palmface* moment). Well I got the job, which is exciting. I feel like I mentioned it to you, if not it was on my TV Addiction post. Which reminds me, I’ve done REALLY well on that. Of course that is subjective, but I’ve done well for me. This week I have watched TV for a grand total of 9 hours or so…which is less than what I used to watch in a day. I can’t wait till I’m TV free. I’ve been exercising too (lost 5 lbs so far). I’m excited for the future. And I am bent over my future plans like a mad scientist once again—marketing/branding being my point of focus.

                Lately, I have reminded myself why I am such a hermit. Socializing is tiring. Dealing with people is exhausting. Smiling makes me cheeks hurt. Don’t even get me started on talking. I don’t know what’s up with all these italics; I suppose I want to exacerbate the point. And I’ve strangely seen that word a lot lately. Exacerbate. Sounds a little dirty and a little…zazzy (I’m sure a geeky Gandalf like yourself recognizes The Big Bang Theory reference).

                But yes, I’ve been couch surfing and training at my job. I’m picking it up quickly so I expect to be paid for my services in something other than delicious wonton soup soon. I am very excited for all my classes this semester, especially the marketing and creative writing ones.

                Oh yeah. I’ve also made plans and a budget so I can move out with my best friend and her boyfriend next year.  And congrats on your new eyes toward the ebook biz. I really think you should do it! And the series really is the way to go. Hmmm, would you be using a pen name? If you do, don’t use Missy Biozarre…that one’s already taken :]



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