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Dear Megatron,

I can finally let out a sigh of relief, the first weekend of competition is over. It was quite a successful weekend if I do say so myself. My baby guard took 1st place while my high school team took 4th. It was mass chaos for the entire day trying to get everyone’s hair and makeup done on time, make it to warm up, awards and critique. Somehow we got it all done. The kids had a great time, the coaches had an even better time. My only regret? Being sick. I feel worse now, in fact, it just keeps getting worse. I’m beginning to think these antibiotics are having no effect on my ear infection. It doesn’t really surprise me. I’m a cesspool of germs.

Since I’m technology challenged, I’m not really sure if the videos are going to post, but I shall attempt!  So here’s Eclipse Winterguard, this is the baby guard:

And here’s Odyssey Winterguard, the high school guard:

Enjoy! I will post more as the season progresses and they get even more awesome.

Dearest Megatron, I am delighted that you have finished critiquing Antithesis. I’m finally able to begin editing in earnest (not that I have). I think I’m waiting for a brilliant thought to strike now that I’m sure I have to rewrite the ending. Thus far, I’ve had zero thoughts, though I’m finding it hard to see through the haze of sickness that surrounds me. I’ll have you know that I’ve lost my sense of taste along with my sense of smell. Makes for a very boring day (and mealtime!).

On that note, I really enjoyed having Facebook time with you last night. It’s been far too long since we’ve chatted the night away and plotted our futures, with you planning each day and me flying by the seat of my pants. Our futures are bright, indeed.

Since I recently had coffee, I do believe it’s time to write and/or edit.





  1. Lovely little minions.

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