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Lovely Megatron–

I am so pleased to hear that you are indeed happy. I was quite worried for a while that you had taken to the dark side again and I don’t have Optimus’s number handy. I am surprised to learn that you don’t dominate at video games, I guess I assumed with your vast knowledge of all things technical that you would be a guru. I’m not so fabulous with the video games either, unless it’s Rockband. This wizard knows how to jam.

I do feel like we’ve been quite distant over the past two weeks. Life, work, and obsessions have gotten in the way of our frequent discussions. I have had the busiest two-week of my life, I swear! My wonderful Odyssey and Eclipse Winterguard kids have their first real competition this weekend. I am giddy with excitement and eager to learn of their scores, for it is not the place they receive that matters, but the continual progress of their score (and confidence!). I am so proud of all the hard work they’ve put in to this season. Our show is hard, but they haven’t backed down from the challenge yet. We’ve also made it to the part of the season where I feel like they really grow as individuals and a group. We call ourselves a family, but some members are estranged until we get to this point. In short, tomorrow is going to be EPIC!!

When I wasn’t creating backdrops, visiting twenty stores a day, writing javelin tosses, and panicking over guard, I was working on Antithesis. Might I say again that your critiques are quite insightful. I’m really enjoying “reading” the story through your eyes and seeing it how the reader does. I’ve also made progress on my latest WIP. As I’m not on my laptop, I’ll have to update the word count at a later time, but I believe I’ve made it somewhere close to 11,000 words. But with your critiques coming to a close on Antithesis, I will be putting the majority of my focus on getting it ready for an agent. Thankfully, here I am months after finishing it, and I still have a good feeling about the story. The more I read it, the more I enjoy the characters, the plot, the subtleties of the Ginger-world. I’m beginning to FINALLY get excited at the prospect of querying, even though my stomach is in knots. Gavyn will tell her story, I insist!

The laptop has arrived!!!

It’s a highly advanced, 17″ Dell. I think I’m in love. It has Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010 and Roxio Creator. I feel like I’ve somehow moved up in the world, maybe become slightly prestigious. Ohh…and the sound! I can hear it all throughout my house. Can you tell that I’m pleased with this purchase? So very pleased. I’ve begun to create my guard videos that I will give the kids at the end of the season. I do believe with this version of Roxio I will be able to post said videos to YouTube. I would love to share my video making prowess with the world (not to mention my guard kids victories).

Sadly, with my competition tomorrow, I’m still sick. I’ve been taking antibiotics, but my ear still hurts, my sinuses are angry, and my head feels like a balloon. I will be visiting the medicine cabinet tomorrow morning and praying for the best.

Speaking of where you live (I know we weren’t, but I just had a thought) I ordered the winterguard uniforms from your home state. Those people have screwed me over more than you can believe! They screwed up the color of the uniforms, the seams are busting, they sewed one of them backwards!!! Who does that? And they’re not very accommodating to fix any of their errors. (Most of this is why I’ve had such a stressful couple of weeks). So…if I need a man on the inside to scream at them, maybe publish their atrocities in the paper, I hope you’re on my side. 🙂 I know how you love black ops and all that…

This chat has been wonderful. I hope next time we can have one face to face because I fear that I have missed you. Your metal face is as dear to me as my own reflection.




  1. And by face to face, I really meant Facebook to Facebook. Close enough, right? 🙂

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