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Dear Gandalf,

I have made a turn for the better! The kidnapping went as expected: lame. I’m not one for parties let alone ragers..at a hotel…that get broken up 2 hours after I get there. I’m sure it would have been more fun if I was drinking or smoking—which there was a plethora of. I also jumped into a video game and got soundly beaten. The reason is unknown. The fact that I never play video games or hadn’t a clue what I was doing probably didn’t have anything to do with it. Shall be a mystery for the ages!

The more awkward parts of my night consisted of my underwear randomly breaking (wtf!!!!) and an intoxicated past schoolmate regaling his old crush on me. But the after party away from the masses was much more fun. Three folks I didn’t know showed up and they were awesome—mainly because I could beat them at pool or was it the tequila…? (I got my drink on when I felt comfortable around the people I was with) Either way, the night ended in a roaring success because I finally got to watch the ending to Apocalypto (3rd time is the charm!).

Also that night lead to a possible job opportunity which is freaking glorious. And my juicer arrived. Right now I’m an excitable little Chihuahua! How are you doing? I imagine you got your new laptop by now. And I hope the ear thing is better :/

Oh and my friends kind of suck. I love them but they kept on teasing me with knowledge of someone liking me. It’s a strange concept to me because I’m so oblivious to that sort of thing. In my tipsy state I naturally wanted to know who. No dice. And apparently my best friend’s mom is in on it too!

 I’ve been waging war with the TV. It is undetermined who will win at this point, but I have high hopes. It’s disgusting how normal and dare I say “happy” I feel. Either I’m bipolar or…I have a sneaky suspicion my improved nutrition might have something to do with this mood shift and general well-being. This self-improvement thing feels good. Let me know how your wedding efforts are going  😀



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