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Greetings my metal friend. I’m guessing that both of us had a busy week–I know I did. You’d be quite proud of me, I’m into the 4th Harry Potter. I’m pretty grateful that the story FINALLY got interesting. Had I not known great things were to come, I might’ve put it down after book 2 and not picked it up again. I also watched the first two movies, which were, in my opinion, more interesting than the books.

In other news, my WIP is coming along quite nicely. Word Count = 9778. How is your writing coming? I know you are freehanding it. Have you filled a notebook? Do you have 10 pages? Also, I haven’t heard anything about the Insanity workouts lately. Is this still your regimen? Word is in Gandalf’s house that she will soon be a proud owner of an Elliptical (and a new laptop–thank GOD!!) Gandalf is in a wedding in June and needs to lose twenty pounds. Probably won’t happen, but a wizard can dream!

A little thought has been wiggling in the back of my cavernous mind. How is the critiquing going? On last count you didn’t have far to go. My fingers are starting to itch just thinking about getting my hands on those magnificent morsels of advice you give.

Guess what I made over the weekend? A SUNSET. That’s right, this wizard flexed her magical fingers and created a gorgeous display for the winterguard kiddies (with their help, of course). Four hours later, we’d turned seven sheets into a sunset using RIT dye. Who knew we were so artistic? We do good work! Pictures to follow after we actually use them at a show.

Speaking of shows, I figured I would tantalize our readers with my winterguard show from last year. I’m sure a lot of them have no idea what winterguard even is. And then when we finish our shows this year, I will post them as well. Well–I just realized that the mythical YouTube has deleted the sound on my videos. I will see about uploading a new one and keeping the sound. Perhaps the next post will include videos.

Lovely Megatron, I look forward to your reply.

Much magic,

Gandalf the Grey


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