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Indeed, I have been concerned with you. You did say that you were writing longhand, a feeble attempt to escape my prying eyes I suspect, so I haven’t been too worried. But it seems you have a plan, 3 one hour sprints seems like a good place to start. I applaud your efforts.

I hopped on over to the Mighty Twitter to check out your claims of this TV show. I find the idea quite…interesting. Now, I know you value your privacy, which does create a sort of issue with maintaining your secrecy. However, that being said, having something like this on a resume (or query letter) might be beneficial. I know that fame does not equal a worthy writer, but it might help. Publicity is publicity, sister. I think we should talk more about this. Perhaps over late night musings of why we exist. 🙂 That being said, I don’t know if we quite have the fantastic lifestyle they are looking for on their show, but I like to think that we are quite special.

I have been exceedingly busy the past few days working on winterguard stuffs. As you probably know, we had our first show over the weekend. I’ve basically been going nonstop. I’m glad to have this day off to rest and recuperate or I’d likely just become a stinking pile of mush that couldn’t even hold herself up.

I have high hopes that I will find some time in this day to write. Word count =7662.

My dear Megatron, I’m afraid I have to cut this short.

We will talk again soon,



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