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Dear Gandalf,

You must be terribly upset with me, disappointed at the very least. I am here to tell you, fret not! I have indeed been writing. I have not been able to send you photographic evidence of the word count because I’ve been on a longhand bender. I don’t know what it is about using pen and paper, but it feels right. And it helps me nip my little issue with my internal editor, Dante’. I barely even see the bastard!

                For whatever reason, I don’t have to write perfect prose when in a notebook, unlike how Dante’ insists when a word document is involved. This gives me…freedom. It allows me to write crap. A lot of it. But you know what? I’m pretty good at transforming that fecal matter into beautiful butterflies.

It’s a gift.

I’ve decided to scratch the 1,000 word a day goal, because I won’t be able to keep track of it. I still expect to write 365,000 words by the end of the year, but right now I’m concentrating on writing 3 hours a day (three separate one hour long word sprints). Hopefully I will be able to type up some of it along the way, but I don’t want to screw up my momentum.

                Thank you for your kind compliments regarding my sample. Have you signed in to @StrangerDiaries lately? Turns out a fledgling TV show wanted to hear our story to see if we are worthy of being on it—something to do with strangers meeting for the first time. I thought it was hilarious. And something I definitely DO NOT want to do. I’ve been asked for student reactions for the news before, and yes, I shuddered at the thought of it. I have no intention of being one of those people.

                I am excited that we are being quoted!!! Well technically it was you, I would never say such sacrilege. The Red Wings beating the Sharks? Oh please.. Scoff. Scoff. HA!

                I am so sorry your computer has the clap. I have never faced mechanical STDs before. I imagine it is not pleasant. I recommend you stop visiting all those porn sites. There be nasty bugs there, or so I hear. I totally did see the winter guard video! So impressive! Is there any way we can post one here? Our followers deserve to know how awesome it is, first hand.

                I’m starting to get jealous of the hits we are getting on this site. We’ve been steadily on the rise! Have you been promoting behind my back?

                I also have some news, though I am leery of mentioning it on here. Or if I want to tell anyone at all! But I will tell you that it will solve this little censorship issue I’ve had since the awakening of my craft.


P.S. Ian is hotter than Paul.

P.P.S. I added another quote to the What Are the Stranger Diaries page. It’s no big, but I thought I’d let you know.



  1. *Puts hands in pocket. Whistles and watches the butterflies.*

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