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Dear Gandalf,

            I feel so blessed to have a deep conversation with you last night. And the tips on dreadlock care weren’t too shabby either! I am bursting at the brim for your word count successes. I soon plan to give you a run for your money.

           I have sent you the picture of today’s word count to your e-mail. I must do this because I am a slippery, squirmy, little soaped up rat. But you have cornered and captured me. And now I must truly be accountable for my writing goals, meaning actually writing! And since then it has come easily and it has been fun.         

              You have helped me realize that my goals for my 2012 Self-Challenge were so obscene because I was trying to self sabotage myself. I have revised my goal to 365,000 words and the completion of Beastling. I have high hopes of actually reaching this goal. And getting to keep my hair!

               I no longer have the blues from quitting my beloved addiction—TV. Though it may be a temporary high, I hope it is not. When you do get KaceyVanderkaar.com, I demand to be the first to comment! I demand it.

               Jolly good find on the quote. I don’t know why I’m a British Megatron all of a sudden, but I suspect you will accept me anyway. If not, let’s face it: metal trumps magic. And I will slice a bitch in half if you sic your little tree-man on me. They may be able to trash Sauron’s crib, but I’m not afraid of water. Even if it is rust-inducing.

               I hope you will be glad to know that I have FINALLY sent you a sample of my writing (under much duress, people). I’m curious what you will think of the excerpt from OTT: Tasting Pink. It is a rather odd story of mine. I imagine it will have a small audience when I publish it.

               I look forward to hearing from you, my dear magical mortal.


 P.S. You are hilarious.

 “ Mighty Megatron, I must leave you now and go to that great place of employment as well as pick up my own personal hobbit from school.”

P.P.S. The Sharks are going to destroy the Red Wings. And I will gloat.

P.P.P.S. I watched a movie in which they wrote (P.S.S). I am now confused and possibly short-circuiting.



  1. So, does my goal of 1,000,000 words this year make me more or less insane?

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