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Megatron, Megatron, Megatron,

I am writing to you on this wonderful morning with an hour of manuscript working under my belt and an extremely large coffee next to me. Translation: Life. Is. Good.

I’m am exceedingly overjoyed to hear about your purchase of biozarre.com. That is amazing. I also got your email on facebook. I did a small dance and threw my fists into the air with a battle cry of glory. I, too, felt the excitement. Long have I considered purchasing my own web space, a little place to call my own, where I will be myself and wander around with nothing but my underwear on. But I digress. One day, I will pull that magical card out of my wallet and make a similar purchase. Today is not that day, however. kaceyvanderkarr.com will have to wait.

Megatron, I have read your latest blog post, saddened as I was to learn that you are indeed a liar. I’m also sad to report that had you not pointed out the fact, I probably never would have noticed. I read your blog solely for the pleasure of your words. I only hold you true to your promises on this blog. So, lie away, my young friend.

My WIP is coming along quite nicely, perhaps not as quickly as I am accustomed to, but still nicely. Word Count = 5604. I must realize that not all books can be written in 4 weeks. Especially not the good ones. I mean, my first manuscript (120,000 words in 4 weeks) is an awful mess that I would rather disown than claim as decent work. Later, though, my dear Megatron, I shall return to said manuscript and rewrite it until I have achieved bliss and zen and all states of spiritual satisfaction.

I am distraught to learn that our friendship shan’t survive a Red Wings/Sharks game. Distraught, indeed. I, too, feel the blood lust. Perhaps we should not strive to converse except for on Facebook during this event. I fear, though, dear friend, that my hot pink Dell may not survive that event, what with my furious fingers spewing hate and blame in your general direction IF the Sharks score. Yes, you read that big IF correctly. If nothing else, perhaps we will attract a certain male audience with our sports references.

I read a really nice quote on Facebook today. It was posted by TWLOHA (to write love on her arms) and I found it quite appropriate to all our endeavors. It is as follows:

“I write to understand as much as to be understood.”

-Elie Wiesel

Is that not what we’re all striving for? To write our thoughts and emotions and just have someone read it and say that they understand?

Mighty Megatron, I must leave you now and go to that great place of employment as well as pick up my own personal hobbit from school.

Until we meet again,

Gandalf the Grey




  1. Such progress is encouraging. Idly wonders where she filed the press agent.

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