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Dear Gandalf,

I too was saddened by our lack of communication. I stalked the blog, awaiting a post from you, cause God knows, I’m too lazy. I understand what you mean by stuck. The only advice I can offer you is: writing begets writing. Once I get my ass behind a word document, I find it is much easier to continue to write, rather than sitting around and being depressed about how I don’t feel like writing. Boohoo. Slap me should I get like that, will you?

If your heart is in Antithesis at the moment, don’t abandon it because you think you are supposed to be producing. Focus on making Antithesis the best it can possibly be.

As for insanity. I regret to tell you, I did not summon up the lady-balls to take that workout head on until the third instead of the first. SHAME!  I still have to do day 2, tonight…I’m woefully sore. But you should have seen me! I got on my workout gear, and my special cross-training kicks. I even did my dreadlocks in a pseudo Mohawk—to wake the warrior! Now I’m not going to pretend like I looked anything resembling “athletic” but I kept trucking. I survived. So I feel like that was an accomplishment of its own right. Oh, and the so called “warm-ups”? Fucking lies! No warm-up has ever made the back of my throat taste like blood before.

Oh some exciting news! My one and only Christmas present has arrived! I have never had a smart phone before. So to me, owning the new iPhone 4s, well that’s akin to a religious experience. My eyes are now open. My life will never be the same…


P.S. I’m already behind on my writing goal. You should probably slap me now.



  1. *idly wonders how little working out will be done with flat thumbs*

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