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Dancing Queen Megatron,

An entire day has passed without a post from either of us. I must say, I was kind of sad yesterday because of this fact. Alas, I have jumped on Shadowfax once again. To be honest, I missed writing to you yesterday and I didn’t accomplish much except to reformat and write in my personal blog. (Thanks for the love by the way!) I also spent some time advertising for us. I mean, what’s not to love? Our followers are geniuses.

I’m sad to report that I’m still stuck in my Chapter Two lull. This may be due to laziness, work, and/or the fact that I’m trying to read Mercy by Jodi Picoult by Friday for book club. Fortunately, I’ve read it before, so this is just a refresher course. Oh! Chapter Two! Why must you cause me so much grief? Perhaps I will return to my maniacal editing of Antithesis. Gavyn and Liam never let me down. And I have a scene to write. And I love getting inside Gavyn’s head. She’s so strange. Hm. Just like me, I suppose.

I’ve just returned from my 30 minute walk with my partner-in-crime at work. Was a good walk, I think. I can practically feel the calories melting away. (Not really, but I’m pretending I can). Maybe the Thai food I ate yesterday will melt away, too.

The real question here is:  How was the insanity? I’m dying to know!! You’ve kept me in suspense for nearly a week. I think I need some appeasement in the form of videos/pictures/extreme descriptions. I want to see Megatron in action!!!

My darling Megatron, I am anxiously awaiting your reply.

-Gandalf the Grey


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