Goody Goody Gumdrop Gandalf,

My alliteration efforts are 100 percent for you. I myself don’t give two metal bombs (shits, if your will) about the 2012 apocalypse. Because let’s face it, I will survive it. I mean, just look at me. As for the first person perspective, I have a plethora. It is my favorite perspective to write in, after all. Thank you for barely narrowing down my choices. >;{

I forgive you, since your beautiful haiku caused a leakage in my optic fluid. Bless you Gandalf, you sweet, wordy, wizard.

I find that writing in first person comes more naturally to me, but it truly depends on the story and how it wants to be told. I’m sure you know what I mean. As for the critiques I sent you, I’m simply doing what I like my critiquers to do for me. I like knowing what they are thinking. It helps me know what I invoke. I’m sure most writers would love to jump inside of their readers’ heads.

And I am very excited to see the scene you speak of! But must you be so surprised we have followers? Naturally they would flood to us… (So keep it together, fool! One must act like they have entered the end zone before, especially if one hasn’t.)

As for Insanity (the workout), it’s still on for tonight. I intend to write myself into a refined shampoo lather, and after accomplishing said brain acrobatics, throw my bubbly goo in front of that TV to do something very un-cinematic adverntureish. I suspect I will promptly pass out. Perhaps in the shower, maybe before the TV—I may even make it to the couch…

One doesn’t know these things, not even gigantic robots. But one thing is certain: there will be perspiration.

I hope your New Years Eve was satisfactory. The evidence of my night may sprout up in some highly embarrassing drunk dance central 2 videos. Which in turn planted a seed into my villainous head. When I lose the weight, I will post before and after pictures…NOT!

Before and After:  DANCE CENTRAL VIDEOS!!!!

That’s right bitches. Megatron can dance. If you don’t know what dance central is, google it; the terms kinect and xbox are essential for your edification.

And that floating navy square on the top right of our website? It draws in thy eye, no idea what it is, and why it chose to nest there. I’ve dubbed it: The Allspark. Enough said.



2 comments on “MEGATRON DANCES…

  1. I have a son who is so very Transformer I think he turns into another person during sleep and only shows the erratic teenager to me for kicks.

  2. Such is the plight of being a robot…
    Perhaps I will stumble upon him, one of these days. I will be sure to tell him to be nice to his mother.

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