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Magnificently Murderous Megatron,

Gandalf here, on this wondrous evening of the first day of 2012. I really thought that the dawning of the apocalypse would feel different, but I feel the same as always. A little grey, slightly too tall, but mostly in good spirits. My theory on the whole Mayan calendar thing is that the Mayans were a dying race. Eventually everyone was dead and there was no one to create a new calendar. We can’t fault them for this, they died. Thus, no more calendars. Perhaps December of this year shall prove me wrong, perhaps not. I mean, we all survived Y2K.

My dear Megatron, I am ecstatic to read your work. I do highly enjoy first person books because of the connection I get with the characters and the challenge they are to write (mostly because you only get details from the MC as they experience it). Send something my way—I will relish it.

As for the insanity of which you speak, never fear. I don’t blame you for hesitating; something that has insanity in the title can’t be good for you. Just saying. But please, it’s the New Year. I insist for your own well-being that you persevere with this endeavor. Being disappointed in yourself is the worst kind.

Regarding your critiques, I am once again overjoyed with them. My favorite thing is that while you critique, you also comment on things you like and your frustration as a reader over things that happen. I also like your predictions and wishes, as they often come true within a few pages. It helps me know that I’m leading the reader down the right path. As for the direction you send me with your suggestions, I’m planning on adding a scene where Liam goads Gavyn into talking to him. There are a few other things but I can’t think of them off the top of my head. I feel like the luckiest wizard alive to have found someone so marvelous at critiquing.

In other news, we have new followers! Our project is becoming a success which makes me overjoyed. Welcome followers, Gandalf <3’s you.

My recent MS is causing drama for me. It’s more of an emotional kind of book, and I know the direction it is headed. Less action, more feelings. It’s difficult for me especially coming off from Gavyn and Liam. Every chapter is filled with action in that MS. I’m struggling, but I’ll get over it. I’m just in the chapter two lull (which has never happened before) but this too shall pass. Word count = 4324

Now I will write a Haiku for the one and only Megatron.


Metal mind breaking

Twisting, crunching, forsaking

Darkness in the king.

Bam! You know you love me.

Fly, you fools!



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