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My Beloved Gandalf,

You delight and flatter me with your compliments. You have targeted the one thing I don’t get annoyed about being praised upon. And yes, Twitter is a mystical entity, I’m sure of it. Your Pinky and the Brain reference made me steeple my fingers, toss my head, and Mwuahahha to my heart’s content.

Now would you prefer  a 1st person or 3rd person POV  story? I have too many to choose from, this will help me narrow it down. I hope my new set of critiques did not interfere with your writing again. Do you have a specific writing count goal each day or week? 3399! Congrats Nearly 14 pgs! I’m curious how many drafts you go through before you let anyone see your work.

And what direction did you not consider before? Gavyn visiting her mother?

I regret to tell you, I have not started Insanity. It is constantly in my mind, but it seems so…daunting. Instead I have been on the stationary bike and basking in post Chinese food shame. I am loathe to see how out of shape I am. The last time I had a consistent workout regiment, was nearly three months back. But fear not! New Years is the day. I simply cannot justify postponing any longer than 2012. That will be the day my “new life” starts.

It sounds foolish huh? Waiting till a certain date to begin something that should start: today, now. But I guess we all have our faults.  I, Megatron, certainly am not alone in this type of cracked logic.

Till next time Gandalf!



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