Salutations Gandalf the Grey— my flesh and blood mortal,

As of yet, I have not attempted Insanity. I am much like a vampire, in the same way it is hard for me to function in the daylight hours. The UV light effects my visual optics to the point of enforcing vitamin D deficiency upon myself. Seriously, I have to take 5,000 international units a day.

 I live in California…

So, wrong.

What I’m  trying to say, Dear Gandalf, I thrive in the night. I will throw my creaking body into the exercise with much relish and enthusiasm. I may not get out of bed tomorrow. But know—these achy legs are for you. If I did not have my Gandalf to report to, I would languish in my own unmotivated mush.

I’ve noticed we basically have the same length chapters. You wouldn’t know it of me, since I haven’t sent you any of my stuff yet. I think we are very similar in our writing styles. It’s quite rare that we would just stumble upon each other on twitter. I’m glad we did.

I actually am quite curious to find out what you will think of my writing. Time will only tell. Would you like me to send you a sample? A first chapter of one of my many stories that are half-written perhaps?


P.S. I’m glad you liked the crits.

P.P.S I always thought the next one is P.S.S and have done so on my author blog. Embarrassing.



  1. MEGATRON, I was ecstatic when I saw you used the P.P.S, but I laughed when you said in you author blog it was P.S.S

    And I am loving the new book, Gavyn has to be one of my favorite characters…EVER!

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