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Greetings, Dark Lord Megatron,

I would be delighted to set my eyes upon your work. Your wit and skills with critiquing leads me to believe that you are indeed a splendid writer, not to mention that you have an excellent blog, one of the few I actually read. Speaking of critiques, have I mentioned how much I love yours? I don’t know how we found each other on Twitter, but alas, dear Megatron, I do believe it was fate. The universe knew that we needed each other and via Twitter, a great a mystical entity, we were allowed to meet.

I did not get much more writing done last night (Word Count: 3399) since I spent a good chunk of the evening jumping up and down over the arrival of more critiques from you. You’ve given me many a thing to think about and in some cases, a direction I hadn’t considered yet.

We’ll get that manuscript done in no time.

“What would you like to do today, Megatron?”

“Same thing we do everyday, Gandalf.” (That’s you in case you didn’t realize. For this reading you’ll be playing the part of The Brain.) “Try and take over the world.” (Score one for Pinky and the Brain reference).

Good day Megatron,



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