To my better half Megatron,

Alas, I live my life by the simple belief that I will never be perfect. Case in point, I sometimes forget how to spell my own name. I do not fault you for such folly, Megatron, as you are made of metal and after this much time I do believe that your brain has suffered some corrosion. As for me, I’m GandAlf the Grey. I do seem to recall some little ones who were very particular about pronouncing the ‘A’ at the end of my name. Ah, yes, Hobbits.

I am looking forward to hearing about your first day of insanity. Was it a short trip? Did you survive? I also took a small trip to insanity today in the way of a brisk 30 minute walk. Don’t hate me if a short walk is something you cannot accomplish tomorrow. Perhaps we will be looking for you in the realm of sanity once again?

The writing is going well. I’ve finished the first chapter (Word Count: 2378) and after I’m through blogging I plan on returning to the manuscript hopefully to finish chapter two.

Did you see that we have a follower? Is this someone you know? I did they happy dance because anyone that follows us must be amazing. If you have a minute, I wouldn’t mind if you sent me your current crits. Actually, it would make my day.

Frodo is calling, I must depart.




  1. Also, I visited the used book store today. Another point for Gandalf.

  2. You must regale me these 7 books. In alphabetical order…

  3. Victory! *MEGATRON TECHNO DANCE!!!*

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