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My dear, dear Gandalf,

One truly does fail at life if they have not heard of you, and by extension—Dumbledore. Perhaps I should have taken him as my namesake, though I can’t complain. I am Megatron after all…

I say we stew over the pages together on facebook or perhaps in a google doc. I’ve never used one, but I hear it is excellent for co-authorly endeavors. As to your questioning my sanity…the answer is: perhaps. Though I am mostly doing it so I can win 200 dollars. My father bet me that I couldn’t lose ten pounds by my birthday. Naturally, I am just now starting to diet and exercise. My Birthday is Valentine’s Day.

I really ought to get on that.

Congratulations on your new manuscript. I expect another 1,000 words by the time you go to bed, Mr. Gandalf the—are you White or Grey? We never specified… Perhaps you should be Grey, and if you survived the Balrog, we can upgrade you. Or maybe you will earn it when you finish your current manuscript.

BTW, I just realized Gandalf is the correct spelling. We fail at life. And what’s worse, my Microsoft word alerted me to this abomination. Which means at one point I literally clicked the “add word to dictionary” for it. I’m going to try to fix this debacle…


P.S. If I never write back, the workout killed me. AVENGE ME!


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