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Dear Gandolf,

Tis Megatron, here. I slaved over the layout. Actually it was quite easy. I thought I’d start off THE STRANGER DIARIES with this little diddly. Also, I am going to start the insanity workouts tomorrow. I don’t know if you have heard of them, but I think it’s from the same company that made P90X. You truly do live under a rock, if you haven’t heard of that one.

I’m thinking we should make a “What are The Stranger Diaries” page alone with a “Meet Megatron” and “Meet Gandolf” pages. I wonder if we should leave links to our real blogs? Probably not. After all , this is supposed to be anonymous so we can be outrageous.


P.S. Perhaps we should have a twitter account for this. Hm, that could be taking things too far…


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