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My Dearest Megatron:

I am thoroughly delighted with the layout and theme. You have done well, my young grasshopper. Already I’m giddy with excitement over our new blog. I think it’s a fantastic idea to have a Who’s Who page since we can’t expect our readers to be completely in the dark over our supposed stardom (I AM a wizard, haven’t you heard?).

Since you have admitted to starting the insanity workouts (What are you, insane? No pun intended. Those things are hardcore) I will admit to starting a new manuscript (Wordcount=1706). While I’m slaving away at the computer I expect you to be slaving away doing–well, what is it exactly that you do when you’re insane? I do hope you’ll post pictures.

While on the topic of projects, I believe I have another book that needs editing and  a series that needs rewriting. *shakes head* It’s going to be a long year indeed.

Raise your glass, this is to 2012.

I’m off to slay a Balrog,


P.S. We couldn’t take this too far. It’s just not possible. Twitter it up.

P.P.S. I expect you to doctor my entries so they look as awesome as yours. Being a very old wizard and all, I’m not so up to date on the HTML.


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